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Jacqline Patisserie

“Every Celebration Need a Great Cake”

Our Cakes

Jacqline Patisserie is a cake delivery company featuring yummy and good quality cakes. We offer products with an exclusive flavor to satisfy all tastes, with delicious wide-ranging products in terms of flavor, refinement, and accurate selection of ingredients. Here, we keep things simple yet enjoyable for everyone to try because truth be told, that every cake has a story to tell. Thus, our story to you will surely be magical and exceptional regarding these homemade goodness. Enjoy!

The mission for us at Jacqline Patisserie is to make sure that our customers feel at ease to just share their dreams, how they want to celebrate their occasions and happy times. We deliver cakes with the promise of keeping everything as yummy as how it looks, and we can’t wait for you to try it. In addition, we would like to not only enhance our customer’s business with full services, but we will definitely improve all aspects of our business in order to be consistent.

Jacqline Patisserie!

We have all sorts of cakes, from elegant to traditional, as well as extraordinary ones.

Presenting, the easy-to-love cakes. You will have a bite of scrumptious and warm on-of-a-kind cakes with strong yet smooth textures of various sugary delight treats. In fact, there are several savory ones with a sweetness to it.

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